AMBERED SANDALWOOD - A rich, warm creamy base of resin amber and sandalwood with soft notes of patchouli, white amber and musk

AVOCADO & MINT - A wonderfully sweet and fresh smelling scent. A blend containing the tartness of citrus which is mellowed with gorgeous florals

BERGAMOT & BLACK TEA - Vibrant notes of citrus bergamot and pure lemon zest blended with air-dried black tea leaves infused with soft sage and jasmine undertones

BLACKBERRY SANGRIA - Fresh and fruity with top notes of White Peach, Green Apple, Orange Zest, strawberry, plumberry and lemon peel. Plus redberry, rose oxide, tonka bean and ylang ylang

BLACK RASPBERRY - Delicious dark raspberries combine with sun-sweetened blackberries to produce this amazingly strong scent

COCONUT CREAM - A deliciously creamy, smooth welcoming fragrance. Drift away to your island escape while thinking freshly cut coconut with a hint of sweetened vanilla milk

COCONUT LIME - A popular, summery fragrance, with the scent of fresh coconut and zesty lime, with a hint of vanilla

DRAGONS BLOOD - This mysterious, haunting and alluring blend is extremely sophisticated and complex

FRENCH PEAR - Delicious golden pear with an added twist of juicy melon & green apple accords. Delicate white orchid blossom lingers in the background and sensual musk adds body and warmth

FRENCH VANILLA - A delicious and creamy blend of Lemon Cream, Absolute Blossom, Raw Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Vanilla & Amber

ISLAND SPA - A rejuvenating getaway! Calming on the senses, time to escape to that quiet place of zen

JAPANESE HONEYSUCKLE - The ever popular honeysuckle scent with vibrant notes of citrus bergamot and pure lemon zest blended with air-dried black tea leaves infused with soft sage and jasmine undertones

LYCHEE & BLACK TEA - The delicate aroma of black tea complimented by the sweet, tart contrast of the exotic lychee fruit makes this fragrance a bold and uplifting summery scent


ROSE & GERANIUM - The beautiful, feminine scent of rose fragrance laced with top notes of the richly, warm and sweet floral scent Geranium

SALTED CARAMEL - A gorgeous sweet treat with buttery top notes and just a touch of saltiness, rounded out with caramel, coconut, vanilla and creamy condensed milk

SPARKLING WATERMELON - Cool and refreshing just like real watermelon on a hot summers day. An energising, pure fragrance with a sparkling sensation on the senses

VANILLA CARAMEL - This sweet scent is balanced perfectly with buttery caramel, creamy vanilla, coconut and tonka bean (extra strong)

VANILLA SANDALWOOD - A soft floral with smooth, woody notes, including warm amber, orchid, jasmine and a creamy vanilla overlay


CHERRY BLOSSOM - Oriental inspired cherry blossom with fruity and green top notes and a heart of jasmine, strawberry and rose combined with subtle ozonic notes.

LYCHEE & PEONY - An inspired fruity-floral fragrance blending the delicate freshness of lychee with the subtle softness of Peony

SAFFRON SANDALWOOD - An exotic and soothing scent that comprises citrus, saffron, jasmine and violet, all resting on base notes of sandalwood, musk and patchouli.

SWEET PEA & JASMINE - A delightful, heady floral fragrance combining hypnotic white jasmine and sweet pea coupled with delicate notes of ylang and musk.