High-quality, luxurious products that encourage intentional living through self-care, aiding busy souls on their journey to practice mindfulness and gratitude. Hand crafted for the bath, body & home, designed to evoke feelings of nostalgia and relaxation.

Breathe Deeply, Surrender Fearlessly & Empower Your True Authentic Self


I firmly believe practicing self-care can have a profound impact on your happiness and overall health and well being.

The products you've come to know and love were created from my heart for the purpose of identifying moments in time where the simple things such as; using bath salts, lighting a candle and bathing with luxurious soap can uplift your mood all while relaxing your body and mind.

Thank you for supporting my beautiful business.

Much love, Cat x

The Story Behind The Name

Rewind to 2020 and entertaining 2 very little children in lockdown, I realised how important it was that I show up for them as the best version of myself. The only way to achieve this was to do something for myself so I decided that learning to make all of my favourite things was going to be the little act of self-care that would change everything.

One thing led to another and all of a sudden I needed to come up with a name for a business! And as with everything I do, it had to reflect how I got to this point.


Amoret, derived from the french name Amorette, meaning "Little Love”. Fitting for my "little loves". They were and always be my inspiration (muse) to live with intention and in the present.

Because life is about the moments, every single one of them.

All candles are lovingly hand poured with pure coconut soy wax to create a safe and luxurious product.

Discover a diverse collection of fragrances. There is a scent suitable for everyone's unique preferences whether they be Fresh, Earthy, Floral, Sweet, Tropical.

Every product is handcrafted to promote self-care, whether for personal indulgence or as a thoughtful gift for someone special.

Vegan Friendly

My aim is to ensure each product contains as much natural goodness as possible.

Cruelty free

All ingredients are ethically sourced. No animals are harmed on my watch!

Made in Australia

All products are made in WA. All ingredients are sourced from reputable Australian suppliers.