The MYTH of the Triple Scented Candle


Triple-scented candles are often marketed as being superior to regular scented candles, with claims that they contain three times the amount of fragrance oil. However, the truth is that the term "triple-scented" is nothing more than a marketing term, and there is no standard or regulation that defines what it means.

Firstly, it's important to understand that the amount of fragrance oil used in a candle does not necessarily equate to its strength or scent throw. Many factors, such as the quality of the fragrance oil, the type of wax used, the size of the wick, and the container's design, can affect how well a candle will scent a room.

Additionally, the maximum amount of fragrance oil that can be safely used in a candle is determined by the wax's ability to hold the fragrance, and exceeding this amount can result in an unsafe and ineffective candle. 


white soy candle light australia amoret muse

Furthermore, the term "triple-scented" is subjective and not standardized, meaning that different candle makers may interpret it differently. Some companies may use the term to indicate that their candles contain more fragrance oil than their standard line, while others may simply use it as a marketing ploy without any actual difference in scent strength.

In conclusion, while triple-scented candles may sound appealing, the reality is that the term is often used as a marketing gimmick, and there is no standard to determine what it means. When choosing a scented candle, it's more important to consider the quality of the fragrance oil, the type of wax used, and the candle's design to ensure a pleasant scent and safe burn.

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