Benefits of salts

Who here loves a nice hot bath, zenned out, surrounded by beautiful aromas and leaving all the stress and worries of the world behind? We do! 🙋🏼‍♀️⁣

There is however, something magical about using salts when bathing. Not only doing they provide a relaxing spa like experience, they also have a multitude of benefits for the body and mind! ⁣

Here's a quick run down of why we love to use salts in our bath. ⁣

♡ Moisturizes the skin, decreases inflammation and improves the skin barrier function⁣
♡ Decreases stress by increasing circulation through our bodies, aiding in physical and mental rejuvenation ⁣
♡ Assists in deeper sleep. Have insomnia? The magnesium preps your body for better sleeping patterns. ⁣
♡ Soothes aches and pain, even chronic pain in some cases. ⁣
♡ Offers healing properties as well as building immunity⁣

We recommend our salts in a hot bath for 20mins at least once a week for maximum benefits.⁣

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